Unique Melba Toast Recipes for Every Meal

Tired of the same old dishes day in and day out? When you need to switch up your menu, a simple twist of ingredients can make all the difference.

Melba toast is a great example of a product so versatile that you can use it in every recipe. From breakfast crisps to unconventional desserts, you’ll love the ideas that unfold. Let’s get started exploring a Melba alternative for several different meals.


Create fruit and cheese pastries with Old London Melba Toasts. Spread mascarpone cheese on top of each of the toasts and top with your favorite fruits. The sweetness of the mascarpone cheese and fruit coupled with the crispness of the Melba toast is a wonderful start to the day.

Breakfast bruschetta is another morning meal that your entire family will love. Using melba toasts or rounds, top with eggs, a slice of bacon and diced tomatoes. Add a dash of hot sauce on the top and you’ve got a breakfast that is not only hearty, but also just the right amount of caliente!


Cheeseburger sliders are a fun simple lunch perfect for any age. But with a variety of schedules in the home, it’s only a matter of time until sitting burger buns get soggy while waiting to be eaten. Forego the soggy this time with an open faced burger on a Melba round. Melba rounds are petite, which means your burgers must be too. Bite-size burgers? Who could resist!


Need a warm dish on a cool evening? Soup and stews are the way to go! You may be wondering how melba toast can work with this type of dish. For hearty soups and stews, Old London Melba Toasts and Rounds are excellent for scooping up every ounce of flavorful goodness in your bowl. Melba toasts can also be used as a base in your soup to soak up the broth and add a little texture and flavor.


The possibilities in this category are practically endless. Melba dipped in milk chocolate makes a tasty treat. Sprinkle with nuts, crushed peppermint or drizzle with white chocolate to dress this dish up a bit.

Mini cheesecakes are another easy creation that will excite your family and friends. Cheesecake is versatile, so there is opportunity to create this dessert for a number of occasions. Create your favorite cheesecake topping and spoon on top of your plated melba rounds. Chill in the fridge until solid and serve.

For meals that need a boost, make simple changes that will create unforgettable new versions of your old staples.