Innovative Desserts

Looking for innovative dessert recipes that will blow away your guests? Make mouthwatering desserts from your home with simple, flavorful Melba Toast from Old London. You can create a delicious surprise for your next get together with family and friends.

Chocolate Dipped Melba Snacks: Simply take an Old London Melba Snack Round and dip it into your choice of melted chocolate. Give your guests a variety of milk or white chocolate, or get creative and make a few snacks with half and half. Finish each Melba Snack with chopped nuts, sprinkles, or crushed peppermint sticks for a minty addition. Remember to line your cookie sheet or plate with parchment paper to prevent desserts from sticking. You’ll also want to refrigerate your dessert until the chocolate is firm.

Sweet Berry Tarts: Old London Melba Toast makes the perfect base for a pile of berries laid on top of a layer of sweet creamy cheese. A treat made in minutes, align your Melba Toast of choice onto a plate and spread a hefty serving of mascarpone cheese on each toast. Top with your choice of fresh berries and you’ll have a treat that no one will be able to pass up.

Cheesecake Sandwich Bites: Using either a Melba Toast or Melba Snack as a base, you can easily create cheesecake bites that are full of flavor and don’t need hours to set. Just mix 1 block of cream cheese with ½ cup of sour cream. Add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix until smooth. For more variety, you can half the mixture and add jams or jellies to give your cheesecake “filling” a different flavor. Spoon your mixture on Melba Toast or Snacks and top with another Melba to form a sandwich. Chill for 30 minutes and allow the cheese mixture to set.

Ice Cream Scoops: Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer night? Ditch the spoons and replace them with delicious Melba Toasts or Snacks for a crunchy addition to every bite. Make sure to have enough of these alternative “spoons” around. Try with Old London Sea Salt Melba Snacks for a sweet and salty combination that will leave you wanting more.

Using unique ingredients can help you design an innovative dessert menu that will wow family and friends. Show off your creative side with amazing ideas that pair two different products together to create a new dessert sensation. It is easy to try these delicious desserts in your own kitchen for your next get together.