About OLD LONDON® Foods

The Old London® brand was created in 1932 and offers a wide variety of authentic, original, crunchy taste sensations available in melba snacks and bagel chips. Old London also markets specialty snacks under the Devonsheer® brand name. Old London is a great tasting snacking option for everyday eating or entertaining.

The History of Melba Snacks

It was 1897 when, concerned about health and her stylish figure, the talented opera singer Miss Nellie Melba sent the famed Parisian chef Auguste Escoffier back to the kitchen. Her complaint was that her bread was much too thick. Escoffier returned to Ms. Melba’s table with a thinly sliced piece of toasted bread and promptly named it Melba toast in her honor. In 1941, it was commercialized, and Melba toast as we know it today was born. Nellie Melba’s name would go on forever, just like she always said it would. The first Old London Melba oven was built in 1932, leading to the development of the round Old London Melba Snacks. Improvements allowed Old London to introduce the first restaurant packs to the public, gaining widespread approval.