4 Delicious Open Faced Sandwiches

The sandwich is the ultimate meal that successfully combines meats, cheeses and vegetables. Some have gone as far as to change the traditional preparation of a sandwich by removing the top slice of bread. This is known as the “open faced” sandwich. Don’t be startled by its exposed look. Try this out of the box preparation for a sandwich with no restriction. Here are four tempting sandwiches that break the barriers of tradition.

A Thanksgiving open faced sandwich combines every flavor of a classic turkey dinner in one free form sandwich. Start by cutting your dinner roll in half and placing both sides down on your plate. Cover your bread with thick slices of turkey and continue to layer with stuffing, a small serving of mashed potatoes, a few green beans and a hearty serving of gravy. Dig in, literally. This open faced sandwich will require a fork and knife.

For a lighter alternative, open faced veggie sandwiches are a great way to kick off your afternoon. Start with crisps, such as Old London Whole Grain Melba Toast, for a bit of added texture. Hummus, cream cheese and other spreads work great with Melba toast because they can get into the tiniest nooks and crannies. Next thinly slice your favorite vegetables and pile on top for a complete meal that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Breakfast is no stranger to the sandwich. With creative recipes there is no limit to what breakfast foods can offer. Want a simple and fun way to present a whole meal to children? Create your very own egg inside the bread masterpiece. Often referred to as “sunshine eggs” or “circus eggs”, this open-faced sandwich starts by removing the middle section of your bread (tip: a small cookie cutter works great). Once the middle is removed you’re ready to get started. Pre-heat your skillet the same way you would when preparing to regularly fry an egg. Add your piece of toast and give it a moment to brown. Crack an egg over the bread, carefully releasing it into the cookie cutter hole. Allow one side to fry, then flip and continue cooking until finished. Garnish with bacon and you’ve got an appetizing open-faced breakfast sandwich.

Meatball subs offer comfort on a chilly day. There’s no reason to cover all that goodness up with more bread. Easily turn your meatball sub into an open faced sandwich by carefully cutting out the top and center of a French bread loaf. From one end of your bread, cut a shallow slit along the top being careful not cut through the ends. Once you have made a large, oblong cut in the bread then remove the top. From here, you can either take out or flatten the inside of the loaf to make room for the filling. The next step is to spoon in your prepared meatballs and sauce. Cover with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and bake until cheese is melted in a 425-degree oven. This sizable meal is a terrific option for your next party.

Whether you are in the mood for breakfast foods or you want to keep things light, creating an open faced sandwich is simple and delicious.